GRCS rigging device allows us to lift large limbs and trees away from homes and other structures.

Dead or dying trees should be removed for health, safety and aesthetic purposes. At times it is necessary to remove perfectly healthy trees; this is a decision not be taken lightly. Tree removal is the most dangerous aspect of the tree care industry. It requires a great deal of training and years of experience, as well as strict adherence to all industry safety standards.


Rory, our ISA Certified Arborist, has removed hundreds of trees safely and efficiently. With 12 years of experience in the tree care industry and expert tree climbing skills, Rory has the knowledge of advanced rigging and climbing techniques necessary to remove large and dangerous trees. In fact, we specialize in difficult tree removals.


Whether you have a small tree, or a 100 year old Silver maple, make Pine Barrens Tree your removal experts!