The roots play a more important part in the health of a tree than the canopy itself. Roots need to be routinely inspected for structural defects, compaction, mechanical injury, and more. When we consult on struggling trees we often see that burlap or other material are left on the root ball or otherwise girdle the tree roots. Many people don’t realize that not all burlaps and materials decompose in the ground therefore causing stress on root system and result in a failing tree, Here are some of the most common problems that we encounter:

  • Buried Root Collars: this occurs when a tree is buried too deep and must be excavated in order to improve tree health
  • Girdling Roots: this occurs when trees still have burlap or other material wrapped around the trunk (typically underground) essentially strangling the tree and preventing it from absorbing proper nutrients.
  • Soil compaction:any type of traffic over the root system or even pavement, can impact tree health by causing the soil to tightly compact and essentially suffocate the roots.

We can identify root problems and decide on the best course of action. It is our goal to work with clients to ensure the health of their trees.